Messages from the new Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board, journal metrics and statistics, and appreciation to reviewers

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Anesth Pain Med. 2023;18(1):1-4
Publication date (electronic) : 2023 January 30
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1Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Inje University Ilsan Paik Hospital, Goyang, Korea
2Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Chung-Ang University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
Corresponding Author: Hyun Kang, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Chung-Ang University College of Medicine, 84 Heukseok-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul 06974, Korea Tel: 82-2-6299-2586 Fax: 82-2-6299-2585 E-mail:
Received 2023 January 9; Accepted 2023 January 25.

We are honored to serve as the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (APM). The editorial staff will continue to be committed to the success of this outstanding journal.

APM has made noteworthy advancements, gained recognition, and improved its position as an international publication in the field of anesthesiology, including perioperative management, critical care, and pain. We sincerely thank the previous editor-in-chief, Young-Cheol Woo, and the former editorial boards for their passion, vision, and commitment to the journal, which made the growth possible on behalf of the community.

Our main goals for APM in the coming years are to a) raise its profile in the clinical and research community and advance its position toward the top journal in this area; b) keep searching for and publishing excellent reviews and original articles that offer the most up-to-date clinical and research information; c) maintain the quality, standard, and transparency of our editorial and review process while fast-tracking the actual response time to submissions; and d) strengthen the regional and global network to better meet the needs of our society and the scientific community.

To accomplish these goals, the APM editorial team will actively seek the most recent and intriguing research papers and communicate with the members of the Korean Society of Anesthesiologists, subsocieties of the Korean Society of Anesthesiologists, and other global scholars in this field.


APM was first indexed in the Korean Citation Index in 2015 and in PubMed Central in December 2020. The annual number of submitted articles is approximately 200 to 300, and the number of submissions from foreign countries has increased dramatically since 2020. Detailed descriptions of the authors' countries for 2021 and 2022 are presented in Fig. 1. The number of countries that submitted articles to APM increased from 11 to 17.

Fig. 1.

Number of articles submitted to Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine in 2021 (A) and 2022 (B), according to the author’s country.

APM articles published in 2020 and 2021 are cited 103 times by Web of Science articles published in 2022 (Data origin: Last accessed: 2023 Jan 5). The total number of original articles and reviews in 2020 and 2021 were 48 and 32, respectively. The manually calculated impact factor for 2022 in the Web of Science is 1.288 (103/[48+32]).

APM has progressed to publish 11 high-quality reviews, 29 original articles, and 25 other items, including case reports, letters to the editor, and a corrigendum in 2022.


The APM editorial team owes tremendous gratitude to the reviewers, who willingly commit their time to reviewing manuscripts. Their contributions are crucial for preserving the quality of the journal.

The names of the reviewers are listed below. The list is in alphabetical order of the family names.

Eun-Jin Ahn

Jiyoun Bang

Hee-Jung Baik

Sung Hye Byun

Yun Jeong Chae

Hae Wone Chang

Jang-eun Cho

Jin Sun Cho

Sooyoung Cho

Sung-Ae Cho

Byung Moon Choi

Jae Moon Choi

Jun Gwon Choi

So Ron Choi

Sung-uk Choi

Seung Ho Choi

Yong Seon Choi

Yoon Ji Choi

Chan Jong Chung

Kum-Hee Chung

Yang-Hoon Chung

Woosuk Chung

Sang-Hwan Do

Wangseok Do

Mijeung Gwak

Sangbin Han

Boohwi Hong

Sung Mi Hwang

Chi-bum In

Junyong In

Ji Seon Jeong

Seongtae Jeong

Dae Hyun Jo

Youn Yi Jo

Young Seok Jee

Hae-sun Jung

Hoon Jung

Ki Tae Jung

Hyun Kang

Seong Sik Kang

Woon Seok Kang

Jae Chul Koh

Won Uk Koh

Yu gyeong Kong

Chan-Sik Kim

Dal-ah Kim

Doo-Hwan Kim

Doo Sik Kim

Doyeon Kim

Eun-hee Kim

Eunsoo Kim

Gunn Hee Kim

Ha-yeon Kim

Hee-Yeong Kim

Hee Young Kim

Hye Young Kim

Hyungtae Kim

Jae hun Kim

Jin-Tae Kim

Jong-Yeop Kim

Ji-Yoon Kim

Jong Hae Kim

Jung Eun Kim

Jun Hyun Kim

Kye-Min Kim

Kyu Nam Kim

Kyung-Hoon Kim

Kyoung Ok Kim

Min-kyoung Kim

Min-soo Kim

Mun Gyu Kim

Na Young Kim

Saeyoung Kim

Sang Hun Kim

Sang Tae Kim

Seok-Kon Kim

Seong-Hyop Kim

Shin Hyung Kim

Won-joong Kim

Wook Jong Kim

Young Hoon Kim

Young Sung Kim

Yumi Kim

In-Suk Kwak

Won-Kyoung Kwon

Byung-Sang Lee

Chung-hun Lee

Dong-Kyu Lee

Hanna Lee

Heeseung Lee

Hyeon Jeong Lee

Hyungmook Lee

Hyun-Young Lee

Je Jin Lee

Jeong Soo Lee

Sang Hyun Lee

Sangseok Lee

Seung Cheol Lee

Sang-wook Lee

Seung Young Lee

Oh Haeng Lee

Woo Yong Lee

Wonjin Lee

Hyun Kyoung Lim

Hyunyoung Lim

Yun-Hee Lim

Se Hun Lim

Chaeseong Lim

Se-hee Min

Ho Sik Moon

Jee Youn Moon

Hyo-seok Na

Francis Sahngun Nahm

Hee-pyoung Park

Ji-hoon Park

Ji-Hyoung Park

Jong-Yeon Park

Jong Taek Park

Jung Hyun Park

Jun-young Park

Kyeong Eon Park

Sung-Yong Park

Sungchul Park

Yong-hee Park

Yong-Seok Park

Yoo Jung Park

Ho-Geol Ryu

Junghee Ryu

Jeong Hwa Seo

Yon-Hee Shim

Yong Sup Shin

Shin Won-jung Shin

Hye-min Sohn

Ju-Tae Sohn

In-Kyung Song

Jang-Ho Song

Tae-Yun Sung

Jae Hee Woo

Chunwoo Yang

Yongjae Yoo





Jun Hyun Kim has been the associate editor of the Anesthesia and Pain Medicine since 2023, and Hyun Kang has been an editor-in-chief of the Anesthesia and Pain Medicine since 2023. However, they were not involved in the peer reviewer selection, evaluation, or decision process of this article. No other potential conflicts of interest relevant to this article were reported.


Conceptualization: Jun Hyun Kim, Hyun Kang. Writing - original draft: Jun Hyun Kim. Writing - review & editing: Jun Hyun Kim, Hyun Kang. Supervision: Hyun Kang.

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Fig. 1.

Number of articles submitted to Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine in 2021 (A) and 2022 (B), according to the author’s country.